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Bedroom Design Envy - how to make your dreams come true

Need some inspiring ideas to rejuvenate your sleeping quarters? When it comes to designing your bedroom, a simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing floor plan and style may be harder to achieve than you first thought.. The first thing to consider is your bed. It's big, bulky and will determine the placement of the rest of your bedroom furniture. So how can you create an inspiring and rejuvenating bedroom with room to move and space to love without ditching your bed...

  1. Add warmth and texture.

A splash of paint on your bedroom wall can add so much more than colour. A combination of texture, warmth, contrast and mood can all congeal and even help to get you a better night sleep! By experimenting with different brush strokes and tools, you can create the illusion that your wall is in fact 3D and soft to touch! The colour chosen will determine the mood and feel you want to create. Choose a dark, rich colour to create a sense of cosiness, serenity and warmth or opt for a bright pastel colour to enhance natural light and propel happiness!


bedroom-wall-texture-warmth-cosy bedroom-wall-texture-warmth-cosy bedroom-wall-texture-warmth-cosyHow many textures can you see in this next bedroom..


Rustic bricks, painted walls, woven rug, fur blanket, linen sheets, wooden floors, canvas artwork, marble bedside table with brass legs, floral arrangement, timber slat ceiling, abstract chrome lights…are we missing anything?

  1. Wall Art

If painting ain’t your thing, try decorating your bedroom walls with artwork. This makes it much easier to change up your bedroom style every few seasons and is a fantastic way of displaying an avid art collection where it can be seen and appreciated daily. It doesn’t have to be an expensive interior decorating exercise either. Artwork can range from Picasso canvas’s to old school vintage posters or newspapers found in thrift shops for $3. Also, check out the frames from IKEA and $2 shops before you take it down to framing shop. Often you can pick up some simple, modern, fibreboard frames for no more than a few dollars!


bedroom-artwork-kids-children-frame bedroom-artwork-design-frames-posters


  1. Make the most of natural light

If you’ve got a window, make sure you use it. If you’ve got a window with a view, take advantage of it. If you’ve got floor to ceiling windows along one side of your room, design your whole room around it. Natural light is the most highly sought after aspect of any home so decorate and frame your windows like a piece of priceless art. Once the window and surrounds are sorted, make sure your garden on the other side of the glass is up to scratch! A little bit of outdoor lighting and garden maintenance goes a long way!

white-light-bright-window-view- white-light-bright-window-view-

  1. Get creative with artificial light

And when there’s no natural light, get creative with some interesting globes and fixtures from the Vintage Edison style light bulbs are sweeping the inner city cafes and restaurants right now but most of them are expensive to buy, expensive to run and need changing every 3 to 4 months! Luckily, the Renovator Store have teamed up with the crew from Vintage LED to bring you an environmentally friendly Vintage LED light bulb that looks magnificent and wont need replacing for over 10 years!


  1. Get creative with storage

There’s only so much storage opportunity you can take advantage of in a bedroom environment. Above bed shelving, wall-mounted lighting and clever bedframes with drawers and cupboards are all highly desirable in a small space however there are still bundles of DIY ideas thrown around Pinterest and interior decorating blogs that continue to impress with originality and savvy storage suggestions. Even some simple robe hooks on the wall to hang your favourite frock – that way doubling as wardrobe space and artwork all in one!

bed-end-shelf-storage-book bed-end-table-legs-books over-head-book-shelving-bedroom-storage bed-under-drawers-storage


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