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Bathroom vanity ideas to create serious envy

The bathroom vanity is one of the first things that catches your eye when you walk into a bathroom. The bathroom vanity can set the theme for the entire space, and is a centre point to the entire room. The best bathroom vanities will seamlessly combine style and space, serving both functional and a visual roles. Check out these incredible bathroom vanity images we have sourced, sure to get your inspiration flowing.

The colour pop

Coloured bathroom vanity Pinterest

Inject some vibrant colour in your bathroom by choosing a coloured vanity. Better yet, spruce up your existing, tired old vanity with a rich paint job. We love this teal vanity, with matching gold bathroom finishes accents.


Defying gravity 

floating bathroom vanity idea Pinterest

A floating vanity is a modern option, suitable for small or large bathrooms. Uncomplicated in design, a floating vanity will add a breezy and weightless feel to your space.



granite bathroom basin Pinterest

Heat, scratch and mould resistant, granite is a material that works well in bathrooms. With a penetrative seal on most granite products, water won't get inside the product, and will easily glide off the material. Granite is a timeless addition to a bathroom, and some options available from Renovator Store double as art. Check out our options here.



minimalist bathroom option Pinterest

This beautiful timber vanity design oozes a natural softness. Urban materials in the bathroom create a clean, sleek day-spa feel, ensuring a relaxing space.


Dark and moody 

contemporary dark bathroom design Pinterest

Some people believe a dark bathroom is a bad idea, but if done right, it can be chic and intrinsically modern. A dark bathroom design can be rich, voluminous and harmonious. This black bathroom design is full of depth, yet lightened with the use of the simplistic wooden vanity.


Maximise a small space 

mirrored cabinet for the bathroom vanity Pinterest

Using a mirrored bathroom cabinet above your vanity will maximise space in a small bathroom. Sleek and organised, a mirrored bathroom cabinet will minimise clutter and also add style to your space.



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