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Air Turbo Technology slashing your water bills

Imagine the guilt-free feeling of standing in your full pressure shower over a hot dry summer whilst knowing that you are using 30% less water. The newest shower technology involves the process of drawing air in through the showerhead and combing it with the water flow to expand the volume of the shower stream. Therefore, you can save 30% off your usual water usage whilst still enjoying your shower. We call this Air Turbo Technology.


Air Turbo Technology is unique to the Storm bathroom range at the Renovator Store. The ability to suck air into discrete holes around the showerhead and increase water pressure by doing so means that your water consumption is reduced immensely without compromising your shower experience, in fact it’s enhanced!


An average person that showers daily with a water saving flow rate of 7.5 will use 75 litres per day. In a year, this equates to 27,375 litres, which equals $73.12 in shower water alone. In a house of 5, this becomes over $350 per year in shower water.


Imagine if you could reduce this by 30% with the simple installation of an air turbo showerhead. This would save you over $20 per person, per year. Within one year, you would have saved more than the cost of an Air Turbo showerhead and be enjoying higher-pressure, enhanced showers whilst reducing water consumption and saving on water bills.


So what are you waiting for? Jump online at the Renovator Store today to view their new range of Storm Products. Whilst some storm products don’t incorporate the air turbo technology, they all are made from the highest quality material and priced competitively to enable you to create your dream bathroom for a fraction of the price!


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