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A Place in your Home

The Fireplace - an important place in your home when the winter months are upon us!   There is a noticeable trend for new house designs to feature the fireplace - or even make it a more prominent and central part of the room at the expense of the TV!

Importantly the fireplace is where family and friends congregate on cold nights - there is nothing better than getting close and having a fireside chat with a mug of hot chocolate or a winter red.  However, the fireplace has come a long way in recent years, and it doesn't need to be a heavy CO2 and ash generator.

Fake fires

fireplace Gas fired ceramic log fire places have come a long way and are no longer shunned as unauthentic.  In fact, they have real flames, look and feel like a real fire (because they are) dancing around the logs.  However, you won't get the cracking log sounds, the rustic authentic smoke and ash in your room, the need to sweep and clean regularly.  They are the next best thing, and importantly, run on clean natural and cost effective gas.


With the latest advances in ducting technologies, fire places can be integrated in your wall or even act as a room divider.   There are many designs that can be considered - check out our design board for fire places.


They can be featured as a permanent piece of art or a centrepiece of your living space - its all part of the latest trends of combining functionality and design for the important features of your home.

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