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8 easy steps to installing your own garden lighting

There’s no better time than Spring to begin work on your outdoor entertaining area in preparation for the approaching Summer! The thought of that may seem daunting and expensive to some however with a little bit of time and labour, installing garden lighting yourself can be a simple and enjoyable task that will save you many hundreds of dollars!


Across Melbourne, a wide range of outdoor lighting products exist with prices ranging into the hundreds and thousands. Many of the products on the market are made in the same factories and individually branded allowing for the same product to be sold under different brand names for up to triple the price! It is definitely worth your while doing some research and shopping around, both in-store and online before spending a small fortune on outdoor and garden lighting.


After contacting a renowned and well-established lighting business in Melbourne, their products were compared to many of those stocked by the Renovator Store. It was found that many of the same products were being sold by the Renovator Store for less than half the price! This goes to show the increase in prices that are charged by shop fronts due to retail margins.


The Renovator Store is currently having a September Sale on all outdoor LED and Garden lights. For less than $65, the Luna 12 Volt LED outdoor garden spike light made from 316 marine grade stainless steel can be purchased with a FREE 5W LED globe worth $20.15. Being the highest quality outdoor garden lights available, LimeLight LED lighting is waterproof and approved to IP65 Australian standards and available on sale now at the RenovatorStore.


So now that you have chosen your lighting, why spend more money on having them installed when it is simple and easy to do yourself! Low in voltage and safe to install, the LUNA LED lights are waterproof and of the highest quality on the market. Follow the simple instructions below or print out the diagrams found at the Renovator Store and before you know it, you will have saved yourself the expense of a handyman or electrician.


Step 1.

Make sure the electricity supply is turned off and disconnected to avoid any dangers during installation.

Step 2.

Ensure that the total wattage of all your garden light circuit does not exceed the wattage limit of your transformer. For example, if you have 7 x 5W lights and 2 x 10w garden light, this totals 55W. A 50W transformer would not be sufficient for this circuit. A 105W transformer should instead be used. Always pick a transformer that generously exceeds your circuit’s wattage.

Step 3.

Lay out your garden lights in the positions that they are to be placed around your garden making sure there is sufficient cable to reach the power socket and transformer.

Step 4.

Begin digging. A channel 100mm is advised to conceal your cables. Try to avoid high traffic areas that may need to be dug up in the future.


DIY lighting

DIY lighting 2

Step 5.

Start with the light that is placed furthest from the transformer. Remove the cover from its connector and select the cavity that will best fit your cable width. Remove the rubber insert to expose the metal conductor spikes and lay your lighting cable flat into the cavity, ensuring all twists are removed. Push down firmly over spike and replace the cover.


Step 6.

Check that each light is working one at a time by plugging in the transformer and switching on after each installation. Wiggle the cable and connector and ensure that all is secure and that the light does not flicker. If there is a flicker, remove the cover and repeat steps 5 and 6.


Step 7.

Once all lights are in place, check the lighting at nighttime before filling in your channel and burying the cable. Make sure all wiring is completed before turning on your power source!

Step 8.

Voila! Your garden lighting is complete! Now its time to sit back with a gin and tonic and enjoy the tranquil paradise that you have just created!