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7 Things to Take Care of When Planning a Man Cave

Ah, the man cave. All men know there’s a lot more to it than just a couch and a keg of beer. It is a sanctuary in which you can relax after a long and stressful day at work, or unwind after you finished your obligations. Even researchers confirmed that having a bit of solo leisure time can be very beneficial for men, as it significantly reduces cortisol levels. So, have you considered making your own happy den? If you have, then here are some tips on how to make that dream come true.


Choose the spaceMan Cave

The term “man cave” is used relatively loosely when it comes to placement. It can be anywhere you like: from basement to attic, or even a shed in the backyard. The possibilities are endless. If you’re confined to a smaller space or an apartment, get creative: figure out how the layout can work to your advantage. Maybe there's an alcove that can be perfect for a bar, since you want to place those away from foot traffic. You can even turn a closet into your own unique space.



Measure the space you’re going to use for your man cave. Transfer these measurements (scale it down, of course) and plan your cave in detail. The more details you work out on paper, the less problems when it comes to actual building. If you’d like a themed man cave, pick an object you like, such as pool table, or a favorite picture, and use it as an inspiration in choosing the overall look.



Make a list of all the materials and tools you’re going to need, determine the budget for the overall man cave building. Whatever tool you don’t have but will likely need, borrow it from a friend or buy it. And don’t forget, when building a budget, leave al least about 10-15% on the side for any unanticipated costs.


Attic man cave

If you have an unused attic, consider moving your man cave upstairs instead of occupying some other needed spaces. First determine if your attic is suitable for such an endeavor. The roof, usually “hugging” the whole room naturally has to be in great condition. ASAP roof painting professionals recommend when making a man cave to take extra care of your roof, and look for signs of any leakage, moist, critters, and punctures. Also, by installing a roof window you’ll get a sense of bigger and brighter space in your man cave.


Basement man cave

The basement man cave is a little easier to make, although you need to check for moist, since a long exposure to it can be harmful for the lungs. Take care of the ventilation and if your build requires plumbing, electrical or HVAC work, you need to contact licensed professionals for their input or services. If you were considering hooking up a TV, consoles, or a home theater, make sure to build in-wall HDMI, have speaker cables and wall plates for functionality.



Get the comfiest couches, armchairs, recliners, or beanbags you can find and put in tables and other furniture. If you have room, you can put in a book case for your books, trophies and board games. Make sure to have a card table if you’re into card and board games and you can buy a few of those compact chairs. And lastly based on your preferences, add a TV or radio, console, a mini-fridge or a bar, the possibilities are endless.



If decorating isn’t your forte, you can hire an interior designer do to that for you. They can help you add a personal touch to your special man cave. It doesn’t even have to be sports oriented – if you’re a music fan, you can turn it into a recording studio; if you like to paint – create in your own art studio, etc. You can add flair to the walls by painting them a fun color, covering them in stone or wood or decorating them with artwork, posters or collectibles.



Men often want a place where they can get away and relax, either by themselves or with friends. Just don’t go overboard. When you’ve created your perfect little den, don’t forget to get out of it from time to time!