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7 Golden Rules of a Clutter Free Life

Disorganisation of the home can lead to increased levels of stress, and overall deterioration of mental health. In order to preserve the wellbeing of yourself and your family you need to make an effort to maintain a clean home. If you follow these 7 golden rules of a clutter free life you'll find it's much easier that you'd imagine.



Sort and Classify

Sorting and classifying your belongings is the very first step towards clutter-free home and stress-free life. The simplest way to achieve these goals is by classify things according to their purpose. Simply said, if it the object has no purpose, there is not reason for it to be in the house. Examples of classifications include cooking equipment, ski-gear and electronic equipment.


Place for Everything


After classification you need to find a place to store everything. After these locations have been determined you should always return things back to their place. This'll help you avoid piling up of objects and papers, and reduces the chance of losing things. To keep your home neat and tidy check out some of these handy storage solutions and organisers!


Think about Expanding


Sometimes, even the most organized people can run out of space for their belongings. This should not be a major obstacle, and as soon as you notice the place is becoming tight, think about alternatives and expanding.

If you have already thrown away the things you do not need, and you still lack space, then you should see what experts are recommending. Consult with the experienced extension architects, for example, and see what their ideas are for expanding your closets, building an extra one, or even building a whole new room.


Get Rid of Things

declutter 1Everyone has things in their house that are old, worn out and just plain unnecessary. Gather everyone in your household together and go through everything. Either you keep it, you bin it or it goes to charity.

Donate things you no longer have use for. Remember, one man’s trash can certainly be another man’s treasure, so make karma work for you and be kind to others!


Do Some Shredding

Declutter 4

Your attic, basement and drawers are probably filled with documents and papers you may or may not need. Roll up your sleeves and sort out everything to see what is valid, what you still might need, and what simply should be shredded and recycled.


Think Before you Buy

Fighting the urges to buy a minor knick knack that catches your eye can be tough. However, next time this happens stop and think for a moment.  Do you really need it? Will it actually be used or acknowledged? If you can't answer these questions its a better idea to put it back on the shelf.

Yes, having a family and a clean home is challenging. But if you all work together and clean up after yourselves, the rules of clutter-free life will never be broken again.


Author Bio

Lana Hawkins is an architecture student and an advisory editor at Smooth Decorator. She enjoys writing about interior decoration and landscaping. Lana is interested in sustainability and green building, and that's where she gets most of her inspiration.

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