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6 Tips on Cosmetically Refreshing Your Bench Top

Renovating a kitchen is always a big task, not to mention a big financial commitment. It does not always have to require a lot of money, though. Instead of ripping out counter tops and other parts of your kitchen to be replaced by brand new ones, you can just cosmetically refresh them.

Kitchen Bench TopCosmetically refreshing a bench top is one of the most effective way of bringing new life to your kitchen. If your bench top is still up to task in providing a sturdy surface for your kitchen activities or storage, you just have to make it a bit prettier instead of replacing it. Here are some tips if you are thinking of going this route.

1. Hiring a professional is optional.

Of course a professional can do a great job in cosmetically refreshing your bench top, but if you really want to save money, you can just do it yourself. Asking friends to help out is also a good idea.

2. Buy a resurfacing kit.

There are available bench top resurfacing kits available and they are designed to help even the most clueless DIY-ers. These kits include an adhesive base coat, a top coat which will make up most of the design, and other items. If you get one of these kits, you only need to have a paint tray, a paint brush, and a foam roller to get started. These kits usually go for around $250.

3. Rough it up.

The first step you need to do is to use a sanding block to make the surface of the bench top rough. Use circular motions to sand the bench top. Do it until the surface is totally rough. When you reach that point, use a moist dish cloth to wipe the surface free of dust and debris. Make sure it is just moist, not soaking wet.

4. Apply base coat thick.

Whether you are using the adhesive base coat included in the resurfacing kit you bought or if you are just using paint you bought separately, you only have to follow one set of rules: apply it really thick and use clean strokes. That means upward and downward strokes, no diagonal strokes.

5. You don’t have to stop with paint.

Applying a coat of paint on your bench top is fine as long as you’re happy with how it looks, but you can add more character into it by using other materials. If you want to use a resurfacing kit, it includes a bag of flakes that will let you imitate the look of granite. You can also integrate other things into your design as long as you can attach them on your bench top without compromising the coat.

6. Protect your floors.

Whether you are just painting your bench top or doing other things with it, make sure you keep dirt and debris off your floor. The best way to prevent a mess in your home when doing this renovation project is to do it outdoors or a designated work area. Placing plastic or old newspaper on the floor can keep dirt and even paint off it.

Remember that going the DIY route costs you less money and it is a lot more fulfilling too. Think about that before ripping out your bench top, buying a new one, and paying a professional to install it for you.