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Your 5 step pre-christmas lounge room makeover  

The Christmas festive season is right around the corner. It is a time of getting together with friends and family, indulging in delicious food and entertaining. The thought of hosting 20+ guests on Christmas day may be daunting but as long as you have a clear menu plan and a tidy and efficient lounge room, Christmas day should be a breeze! The lounge room/kitchen is where most entertaining will be done so consider these five fabulous tips below to get your lounge room guest ready.

  1. Imagine your space empty

    It may be hard to do but it will provide you with a clear mind to re-design the area. Would your couch be better off in a different corner or at a different angle? Where is your Christmas tree going to stand? Do you need all the furniture and décor that you currently have or would your room be less cluttered and feel larger without it? If unsure, put some items into storage for a while and if you don’t miss them, ditch them!Lounge_Room_Focal_point_makeover  Lounge_Room_Focal_point_makeover

  1. Decide on your room’s main features.

    Is there a stunning piece of antique furniture that naturally attracts all the attention? Is your fireplace and mantelpiece the focal point of the room? If there is a mesmerising view beyond the windowsills? If so, keep the surrounding space clear so that the attention is all channelled into your central point. The central point of the room is often the direction in which your seating should face.Lounge_Room_Focal_point_makeover Lounge_Room_Focal_point_makeover Lounge_Room_Focal_point_makeover

  1. Determine the rooms flow.

    Any room that accommodates multiple people will need a functional flow that allows space for sitting, standing and walking through. Large sofas and awkward antiques have a habit of blocking these spaces so aim to place your furniture around the outside and keep the middle and doorways clear. Drafting up an assortment or furniture floor plans will open up your imagination and allow you to plan your placement before the heavy lifting commences!Lounge_Room_Focal_point_makeover Lounge_Room_Focal_point_makeover

  1. Determine your colour scheme.

    Changing your colour scheme doesn’t have to be a large and expensive venture. When the idea of changing your colour scheme arises, most people imagine walls being re-painted, couches being re-upholstered and curtains being pulled down and replaced. However, changing your colour scheme can be a matter of swapping over your couch cushions and adding some flowers. A Christmas summer thing could include gold, silver, red, green or some fresh summer blue and white.



  1. Add some seating.

    When it comes to end of year cocktail pre-drinks and Christmas morning present giving, there’s nothing more important than providing seating space for everyone. Although you can only fit so many seats in a lounge room, there are some sneaky ways to provide a few extra seating options when in need;

  • Tuck a few stools under the console table

  • Throw a few ottomans around the sofa

  • Stack a few x-frame benches beside the fireplace

  • Add a bench-style seat below the windows, along the blank wallsLounge_Room_Focal_point_makeover

Now that your entertaining area is aesthetically pleasing, comfy and functional, it is time to send out your invites and plan your menu!