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5 feature wall ideas to reinvent your room!

Feature walls are a fantastic way of brightening up a room and creating theme and style. The most common method in creating a feature wall is to simply paint it. Bold blues and rich reds are often used as well as neutral greys and beiges. Any colour can work as long as it is tied in nicely with surrounding furniture and décor. Painting is not the only option however. Find out how you can create an incredibly unique feature wall in your home today!


In the end, it is only paint! No mater how bright or light you are going, it can always be painted over if you decide against it. Painting is the easiest and least expensive way of being a little bit adventurous. Opt for a bright colour that strays a little from your usual safe, neutral pallet. If feeling confident, add a bold stripe, some text on the wall or an enchanting swirl to match the lines and theme of your personal room.

feature-wall-paint-DIY-renovate-bedroom-lounge feature-wall-paint-DIY-renovate-bedroom-lounge feature-wall-paint-DIY-renovate-bedroom-lounge feature-wall-paint-DIY-renovate-bedroom-lounge feature-wall-paint-DIY-renovate-bedroom-lounge feature-wall-paint-DIY-renovate-bedroom-lounge


Timber panels are another semi-safe, feature wall alternative. Timber panels may not even look like a feature if they tie in nicely with your timber floorboards or beams. Raw timber promotes a rustic feel that would work well in industrial designs or country homes.

timber-panels-feature-wall-renovate-bedroom-loungefeature-wall-lounge-design-interior feature-wall-lounge-design-interior feature-wall-lounge-design-interior


Although not economically savvy, a stone slab feature wall is simply stunning. The raw and rustic edges and the natural organic compounds will transform your lounge, kitchen, dining or bedroom into a exceptional space. Rather than a larger-than-life stone slab, consider a wall of rocks. The natural addition will help to bring the outside elements inside and is much more affordable than a stone slab.

stone_feature_wall_lounge_room stone_feature_wall_bathroom_stacked stone_feature_wall_outdoor_pebbles stone_feature_wall_stairway_stacked


A vertical garden makes the perfect green feature wall and can be made to suit any size wall or room. Invest in a pre-grown vertical garden or start from scratch and grow your own. If in the kitchen, make your garden out of handy herbs and edible plants. It will be like your own vegie patch on your wall. Remember, you don’t want to plant greenery that will need constant watering and upkeep. Opt for succulents or something with little maintenance so you can spend less time taming it and more time enjoying it.

garden_green_feature_wall_vegetables_herbs  indoor_bathroom_vertical_garden_feature_wall free_standing_vertical_garden_green_feature_wallgarden_green_feature_wall_bathroom_nature


If your home is already tight on storage, a floating shelf feature wall may be just the answer. By designing an abstract or off-centre design, floating shelfs can LOOK just as fantastic as the purpose they serve. Fill your shelves with colour themed books and ornaments, flowers and photos. If in the kitchen, make an artwork out of glassware and utensils. If in the bedroom, fill your shelves with pretty shoes and luxurious accessories.

floating_shelves_lounge_room_feature_wall_photo kitchen_study_nook_feature_wall_simple_shelves feature_wall_shelving_colourful childrens_bedroom_feature_wall_paint_shelves_storage feature_wall_kitchen_utensils_colour_brackets feature-wall-photo-frames-floating-shelves

Now it is time to create your own feature wall. If you love the challenge and are pleased with the end result, why stop at one room? Work your way from room to room to create a feature wall that will bring your space to life! Concrete slabs, large pieces or artwork and fireplaces with mantels are a few more clever ideas to help you design a feature wall that you will enjoy for many more years to come!