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4 Keys To Making Your Door Security Functional And Modern

I doubt that any living person remembers a time when doors were not in use. For many of us, if not all of us, doors and door locks have been a staple part of our security for years. Due to the fact that they are a mechanism that has been around for such a long time, people tend to take them for granted. If you think I’m wrong, take the time to ask any homeowner or business owner that you know.

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When did you last hear of anyone setting time aside to assess their doors and door security? My guess is, not recently. Door security is an ever-evolving mechanism and the measures that might have held up years ago are not necessarily the same ones that will hold up today. In this article, I am going to outline the four keys that will help you elevate your door security and make it more modern and functional.

1. Door Lock Upgrades

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I chose to begin with door locks. After all, door locks and doors fit together hand in glove, and they are responsible for determining the overall door security a home or business might be afforded. There is no way that you can say that you are serious about your door security if you have not considered the impact that door locks have.

From a security standpoint, you have to pay close attention to the flaws that your door locks might have, and then systematically work to minimize these flaws. One of the biggest flaws that every door lock faces is the ability to be bypassed. There are several measures that can be put in place to prevent this, but if there is a key in place, there is always the possibility that your lock can be broken into. The only constant factor that burglars and criminals will have to contend with is time.

However, if homeowners and commercial properties upgrade their door locks to keyless locks, they will be able to increase their door security as well as make their doors more modern and functional. Keyless door locks come in varying forms so you will have to make sure that you choose one that fits your situation. Most commercial properties make use of digital mechanical locks, which help enhance a door’s level of access control. Take the time to discuss your options with a seasoned locksmith so that they can advise you on the appropriate steps to follow when you are installing new locks.


2. Door Hardware Accessories

Utilizing door hardware accessories will also help elevate your door security and functionality. When you take the time to break down door security and functionality, you will realize that your end goal is enhanced safety and usability. Essentially, you want to make your doors and your commercial or residential space safer. However, you do not want to sacrifice the ease of access that users have in the name of security. Ideally, you want to strike a balance and that is what is at the heart of door security.

Door hardware accessories range from door hinges to door closers, and everything that falls in between. The purpose of these accessories is to enhance the way in which the door can be used and accessed, without sacrificing any element of security. These elements boost door security by engaging directly with the door or the door lock. For instance, the strike plate is a door hardware accessory that works in conjunction with the door lock, and it plays a huge role in ensuring that the door stays in place when it is locked and closed. Taking the time to focus on these accessories will help make your door more secure in the long run.


3. Auxiliary Door Hardware 

Door security isn’t just about the door and lock. You have to look at your doors from several different perspectives in order to see that there are other measures you can put in place to really make your security functional and modern. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to invest in auxiliary door hardware. This hardware consists of motion sensor lights, surveillance cameras and even monitored security alarms. The use of these devices helps to extend the reach of your door security while simultaneously making it look sleek and modern.

Furthermore, many of these devices can be integrated with some of the keyless door locks that we discussed earlier in the first section. Integration between devices is a clear indicator of modern security, and it is a feature that helps users get a better grasp of security. Essentially, integration allows you to have some form of central control over all your devices.

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4. Utilising Longer Screws

The length of the screws that are used in conjunction with your door and your door locks are directly tied into the level of security that you are afforded. As compared to the other security additions listed above, increasing the length of your screws is a much more simple and cost effective measure, which both commercial properties and residential properties can make use of.

The screws that would be targeted in this instance are the ones that are used in conjunction with some of the door hardware accessories that were discussed above. Lengthening the screws that are used to secure your lock and your strike plate, as well as the screws that are used in the door hinges, will help increase the capacity of your door to withstand bypass methods.

This addition might not sound as flashy or modern as some of the other ones mentioned above, but I assure that the imperceptibility of this addition is what makes it stand apart from the rest. You will be able to build around this measure, which means that it lends itself to any modern aesthetic that you choose to pursue. Similar to the process outlined in the first section, make sure that you contact the appropriate professionals to help you with this so that you do not end up causing unnecessary damage.


Door security is constantly evolving, and it is a very arduous task to match up your security needs with the modern design elements of the day. This is not to say it is an impossible task, just one that requires patience and dedication to your door security.