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3 Reasons Why You Should Use In-Ceiling Speakers

Why should you contemplate in ceiling speakers for your next home reno or build?  Most people are used to having their speakers sitting on shelves and floors taking up space - with wires and cables running around the room to deliver sound.

These days, the norm is to install speakers in the walls and ceilings for a cleaner looking home entertainment space.  With new entertainment systems boasting between 7 to 11

speakers for one room, the floors and shelves are not really an option any more.

Ceiling SpeakersHowever, wall speakers are also typically difficult to install as walls are not easy to wire and not always in the correct place for your sound.  In-ceiling speakers are specifically designed to be installed in your ceiling. While it may be a little strange for some, especially traditionalists, it is a new way of keeping your home theatre space more organised while still enjoying music or the thundering sounds of movies.   Here are 3 very good reasons why you should use in-ceiling speakers.

1.   Less Clutter

With your speakers tucked away above your head, out of sight, you don’t need to have them on display on your tables or cabinets. You’ll have more room to display other things like art pieces or to store other entertainment items like books and DVDs.

2.  Overhead Directional Sound

Most people are used to getting their audio from speakers from their sides, front, and back. Unless you are extremely picky and are a hardcore audio nut, you wouldn’t notice the difference between sound coming from your sides and the sound coming from above. Even if you are already used to wall and shelf speakers, it wouldn’t take long for you to adjust to sound coming from your ceiling.  And ceiling speakers often now have directional speakers under the grill allowing you to point them at the couch you will sit on.

3.  Safer

Safety may not be an obvious issue with speaker wires, but it is quite a serious one. Having your wires free to trip anyone who wanders near your speakers is not something you would want. Hiding them in the wall is a great way to deal with this issue. In-ceiling speakers also offer this kind of safety as that kind of installation requires your wires to be tucked away safely.  It’s not just safer, but it looks better too! Typically, wiring speakers in your ceiling is easier (and cheaper) than trying to wire them in the walls.

In-ceiling speakers are not a necessity, but they definitely offer benefits that the usual speakers can only wish for.   And they are not expensive.  Importantly, do not let the speakers down with poor wiring - look for quality speaker wire specifically designed for in-wall or in-ceiling installation - and go for quality as replacing it is not really an option once they are installed!  All the speakers should be wired back to a single point where you plan to keep your hi-fi gear. And that point no longer has to be on display - it can be in a cupboard and still controlled by small IR repeaters that send the signal from your remote control into the cupboard or cabinet.

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