10 Great Free Tools For Choosing The Right Interior Colour Scheme

Picking the right colour scheme for your home is one of the most basic yet most grueling parts of renovation. Your colour scheme needs to reflect your personality and it should look generally pleasing for other people. Thanks to the Internet and related technology, it is now easier than ever to create and choose the right interior colour scheme. There are various colour palette tools out in there in the World Wide Web and a lot of them are totally free!

There are two ways you can go about exploring the different colour palettes and choosing the right interior colour scheme: mixing and matching colours based on your preference and creativity, and using images with colours you really like to generate a colour palette. Let’s take a look at these tools and how they can help you.

1. Color Scheme Designer

Colour Scheme Designer

This tool lets you pick hues as your palette’s basis, and then it gives you the appropriate colour scheme. You can adjust your scheme by looking at different colour relationships such as Complement, Triad, Tetrad, Analogic, and Accented Analogic. If you want to do things quick and simple, Color Scheme Designer is the tool for you.

2. ColoRotate


ColoRotate gives you a unique way of picking colours for your palette. It lets you see the relationships between colours through a 3D object. You can find out more about the logic behind this design on their website. If you want to use the tool on-the-go, you can download the iPad app. You can also use the tool right inside Photoshop by downloading the plug-in.

3. Kuler


Kuler is an application brought to you by Adobe, the same guys responsible for unleashing Photoshop to the world. While this colour theme generator is built into most Adobe products, you can access it for free through its web application interface. Kuler lets you create, share, and explore colour themes, so whether you want to create your own theme and share it with your contacts, or if you simply want to get inspiration from other people’s colour themes, give Kuler a try.

4. Color Explorer

Color Explorer

This set of tools lets you do a lot with colours. You can pick, mix, and match colours to create your own unique palette which you can save for future reference or further tweaking. You can also get ideas for colours to use by browsing the Color Explorer colour libraries which include Websafe colours, Trumatch colours, Toyo colours, and more.

5. Color Wizard

Color Wizard

This tool is another straightforward colour matching application. You simply provide your base colour and the tool will give you matching colours that you can use for your palette. If you don’t have a base colour in mind, you can use Color Wizard’s Randomize tool to generate random colour themes.



COPASO is short for Colour Palette Software. It’s from the folks of COLOURlovers, the most popular online community based on colour palettes and colour matching. COPASO is the site’s advanced colour palette tool which gives you a bunch of features to mix and match colours, as well as save, manage, and share your palettes. The site also offers a more basic colour palette tool and a tool that uses uploaded images to generate colour themes.

7. Chip It!

Chip It!

Chip It! is a very simple tool that lets you upload an image which it will use to generate a colour palette. This is ideal if you have a photo of a certain furniture or room that you want to emulate in terms of colour. It is part of a set of colour matching tools by Sherwin-Williams that also includes apps for smartphones.

8. MyColortopia.com


MyColortopia.com offers 3 different tools that generate colour palettes. There’s the My Image Inspiration which lets you upload an image inspiration and then it generates a colour theme from that image. The other 2 tools are quite unique as instead of asking you to upload images, they ask you questions. The My Life My Colors tool asks you a series of questions about your life and then it gives you colour suggestions depending on your answers. The My Baby’s Place is a similar tool but instead of asking questions about your life, it asks questions about your baby.

9. Pictaculous


Pictaculous asks you to upload an image inspiration and instead of giving you 1 colour palette suggestion, it gives you 3 sets: it’s own suggestion, suggestions from Kuler, and suggestions from COLOURlovers. It also lets you easily download an Adobe Swatch file based on your suggested palette.

10. Colors Palette Generator

Color Palette Generator

If you want none of the bells and whistles offered by the other 9 tools on this list, this tool from CSS Drive offers a quick and simple solution. Just upload your image inspiration then pick what you like from the colours generated from it.

Remember that while these tools can give you pretty colour palettes on your computer or smartphone screen, they may not look exactly the same when you see them in real life. These tools are meant to help you find inspiration and ideas that will eventually help you choose the right paint, furniture, fixture, and decoration colours for your home. Having fun choosing the right interior colour scheme!