Thermostat Controllers

Touch screen controllers allow you to maximise the functionality of your heated towel rail by setting the temperature and timing as needed, helping you save energy as well.

  • Fully programmable 24-hour timer

  • Compatible with any heated towel rail

  • Simple to use, with light-up touch screen display.


    Vertical Bar Heated Towel RailsVertical Bar Heated Towel Rails
    Vertical Bar
    Square / Flat Bar Heated Towel RailSquare / Flat Bar Heated Towel Rail
    Square / Flat Bar
    Round Bar Heated Towel RailsRound Bar Heated Towel Rails
    Round Bar
    Extra Wide Heated Towel RailsExtra Wide Heated Towel Rails
    Extra Wide
    Polished / Chrome Heated Towel RailsPolished / Chrome Heated Towel Rails
    Polished / Chrome
    Brushed Nickel Heated Towel RailsBrushed Nickel Heated Towel Rails
    Brushed Nickel
    Gold / Brass Heated Towel RailsGold / Brass Heated Towel Rails
    Gold / Brass
    Black / Gun metal Heated Towel RailsBlack / Gun metal Heated Towel Rails
    Black / Gun metal
    Heated Towel Rails with Integrated TimerHeated Towel Rails with Integrated Timer
    Integrated Timer
    Programmable Controllers for Heated Towel RailsProgrammable Controllers for Heated Towel Rails
    Programmable Controllers

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    Controller for Hotwire Heated Towel Rail - Standard and Dual Touch Screen

    Use a heated towel rail controller to automatically switch on your heated towel rail early in the morning even before you get up.  These touch screen controllers have multiple settings and programs that you can easily set up once and never have to touch again. You can also save on power by having your towel rail turn on only when you need it most.

    Heated Towel Rail Controller, Digital Timer Switches for Heated Towel Rails

    Controllers for heated towel rails are easy to install and nicely fit a standard switch plate.  These controllers are a combination of timer and thermostat, so they allow you to set both the temperature and the time.  Hotwire heated towel rail controllers are independently tested to withstand steam and have an IP20 waterproof rating.

    Towel Rail Timer and Controllers Compatible with Any Heated Towel Rail

    The Hotwire Touch Screen Thermostat will ensure that you maximise your heated towel rail for best use.  It is fully programmable so you get warm toasty towels when you need them and you save on energy when you don’t, just by using its light-up touch screen display .  These controllers are compatible with any heated towel rail.

    Heated Towel Rail Timer Switch, Touch Screen Control for Heated Towel Rails

    The touch screen control display helps you use your heated towel rail simply.  Program your towel rail to come on at any time you desire and let them turn off at set hour.  With multiple settings and programs these units feature the latest in heated towel rail control.  You will also save on power by only having the heated towel rail on when you need it most.

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