Round Tube Heated Towel Rails

Round tube heated towel rails have perfect round bars that look great in a modern bathroom. Its sturdy bars and mounting structure are suitable for a whole family's use. The wide variety of width options are available to accommodate different preferences and bathroom sizes, so anyone can start enjoying the comfort of spa-like warm towels in every bath!

  • Aguzzo heated towel rails come in polished stainless steel and matte black finishes.
  • Hotwire towel rails offers both heated and non-heated versions, and are built with easy installation features.
  • Della Francesca towel rails are built to fit contemporary bathroom & wardrobe designs with its quality stainless steel construction.

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Vertical Bar Heated Towel RailsVertical Bar Heated Towel Rails
Vertical Bar
Square / Flat Bar Heated Towel RailSquare / Flat Bar Heated Towel Rail
Square / Flat Bar
Round Bar Heated Towel RailsRound Bar Heated Towel Rails
Round Bar
Extra Wide Heated Towel RailsExtra Wide Heated Towel Rails
Extra Wide
Polished / Chrome Heated Towel RailsPolished / Chrome Heated Towel Rails
Polished / Chrome
Brushed Nickel Heated Towel RailsBrushed Nickel Heated Towel Rails
Brushed Nickel
Gold / Brass Heated Towel RailsGold / Brass Heated Towel Rails
Gold / Brass
Black / Gun metal Heated Towel RailsBlack / Gun metal Heated Towel Rails
Black / Gun metal
Heated Towel Rails with Integrated TimerHeated Towel Rails with Integrated Timer
Integrated Timer
Programmable Controllers for Heated Towel RailsProgrammable Controllers for Heated Towel Rails
Programmable Controllers

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