Shower Grates & Drains

These modern recessed shower grates look sleek and minimalist, perfect for improving any modern bathroom. Choose any design from several styles of shower grates that will match your bathroom interiors.

  • Stainless steel shower grates have a base drainage tray and a removable insert, with a centre drain system.

  • Custom shower grates are available in any length, with the same contemporary designs.

  • A centre floor waste can complement your linear shower grate or be on its own. 

Looking for outdoor drainage grates - for pool, driveway, landscaping, patio?  Check them out here 

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Modern Bathroom Shower Grates, Linear Shower Wastes

Select a standard-size shower drain with a contemporary design that blends beautifully with modern bathroom interiors. These stainless steel shower grates from your trusted brands look superior and timeless. Go for these linear shower wastes if you wish simpler installation. Bathroom shower grates have a base drainage and stainless steel removable insert for easy cleaning.

Custom Drains and Floor Grates for Bathrooms

Shower grates can be customised to your exact specifications, in any length and with an outlet in any position.  Designer floor grates in various styles are made from marine-grade stainless steel, giving superior load strength and increased resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion even in warm chloride environments.

Stainless Steel Centre Floor Wastes, Bathroom Centre Wastes

Designer centre floor wastes made of marine-grade stainless steel are great to match with your shower grates.  Centre wastes can also function alone, but either way, they are guaranteed to last a lifetime as the grates are well-constructed. Quality floor drains add style to contemporary bathrooms, plus they are easy to clean with removable centre floor waste cover.

Shop Shower Grates Online, Australia-Wide Shipping

Bathroom drain grates, custom drains, and floor wastes are available online and in the latest modern designs. When ordering for custom shower grates, simply choose a width, specify the length, outlet position and outlet diameter.  Purchase now and get free delivery on most products on Renovator Store if you are a member, and we’ll work hard to exceed your delivery expectations.

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