Centre Floor Wastes

Centre floor wastes that best match your shower grate series but perfect on their own. These are made of the highest quality marine-grade stainless steel and fully certified to Australian Watermark standards. Just specify your required diameter and outlet as you order and we’ll despatch to you as quickly as possible.

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Bathroom Floor Waste, Stainless Steel Tile Insert Floor Waste - Bathroom Renovations Sydney, Perth

High-quality centre floor wastes from Shower Grate Shop are highly durable and made from 316 marine grade stainless steel and have no plastic components.  These floor wastes have high resistance against pitting and crevice corrosion in warm chloride environments. Centre floor wastes are available online and when you purchase we will deliver to you whether in Perth, Sydney, or elsewhere in Australia.

Tile Insert Floor Waste, Shower Waste - Bathroom Supplies Adelaide, Canberra

When choosing a floor waste for your bathroom, make sure you are getting a premium product.  The best centre floor wastes undergo processes that result in the utmost quality and bathroom products that will serve you with efficiency for a long time.  These bathroom floor wastes are manufactured in Australia and fully comp[lies with ADA standards, plus they come with a lifetime warranty.  From Canberra or Adelaide or any place in Australia, you can purchase bathroom floor wastes online today - plus, enjoy 30-day money-back guarantee if you’ve signed up as a member.

Black Floor Waste, Tile Insert Waste - Bathroom Renovations Brisbane, Melbourne

The modern square centre waste in matte black finish is made from premium brass and will add a cutting edge look to your bathroom.  If you’re after stainless steel, go for Shower Grate Shop centre wastes for your shower or bath area as these are made to Australian WaterMark standards.  These are manufactured using aviation standard laser welders and undergo strict testing by the NATA (National Australian Testing Authority) for both load and flow requirements.  Buy one now on Renovator Store and we’ll deliver it to you in Melbourne, Brisbane, or another location in Australia.

Shower Floor Waste, Centre Floor Waste, Square Floor Waste  - Bathroom Products Australia

Renovator Store offers floor wastes in contemporary designs.  Select Trak or Wedge Wire if you want an industrial look, Geo Top for a contemporary geometric style, Euro Top or Metro for a minimalist appearance, or the cutting edge matte black square waste.  The stainless steel floor wastes can be matched with modern shower grates for your bathroom.  You can also select the floor waste depth and outlet diameter when buying a centre floor waste.

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