Electric Floor Heating

Under-tile heating kits give you the luxurious comfort of warm tiled floors as you step barefoot in the bathroom. Underfloor heating invisibly produces natural warmth even with no fans or ducts.

  • The precise heating system is designed for DIY installation.

  • A fully SAA-compliant heating element is included in the kit.

  • It has a programmable touch-screen thermostat controller with 24/7 timer.

  • Your floor becomes hygienic and safe from moulds.

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Underfloor Heating, Heated Floor Mat, Heated Bathroom Floor - DIY Heating Kits

You can install under-tile heating kits from Hotwire almost entirely by yourself.  You can save hundreds of dollars if you know just follow the easy installation instructions.  Installing bathroom floor heating involves priming your floor surface then simply coiling the Hotwire around the entire floor at even intervals before taping them down in place.  You just need a licensed electrician to connect the thermostat to the power source at the last step as required by Australian standards.

Heated Floors, Electric Floor Heating, Thermostat Controller - Programmable, with Timer

The HOTWIRE Under-Tile Heating DIY Kit, the HOTWIRE In Screed Heating DIY Kit, and the Hotwire DIY Under Tile Heated Mat all come with a programmable controller.  It is the highest quality touch-screen wall controller with backlight and 24/7 timer functionality. You can even upgrade to a dual device controller so you can control both floor heating and your heated towel rail, or the wifi thermostat controller to remotely control the thermostat through a mobile app whilst away from home.  You can also use the controller to set the times for each day of the week when the heating system should operate.

Under Tile Heating, Home Heater, Bathroom Underfloor Heating - Safe, Hygienic

Floor heating products from Hotwire ensures you are safe - tiles will never crack because the cable only goes to around 50 degrees celsius.  When using an under tile heating kit, your floor also becomes hygienic and safe from moulds.  Hotwire floor heating kits are not just easy to install, they are also maintenance free once installed so you do not have to worry about it afterwards.

Heating Mat, Heater With Timer, Hotwire Heating - Australia Wide Delivery

Under-tile heating can be your entire heating solution or it can augment other heating systems in your home.  Undertile heating heats uniformly from the floor to ceiling, unlike ducted heating that can have a temperature difference of up to 12 degrees between floor and ceiling.  In-screed heating is good for laying in small tricky spaces around toilets and doorways. It helps warm the room evenly and leaves no cold spots that can freeze your toes or feet.  You can also purchase the under-tile heating mesh that gives extra protection when applied over the Hotwire element.  Purchase any Hotwire product on Renovator Store and enjoy free shipping, plus earn Reno dollar rewards to use on your next buy.

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