Marble Basins

Marble basins add a touch of elegance to a modern bathroom setup. These basins are made from solid blocks of marble, which are known to be highly durable and a great element for home fixtures. 

  • Waterproof - Full imperviousness to water with protective sealant
  • Highly Durable - Solid marble from one piece of stone!
  • Designer Styling - Real Greek marble provides the coveted luxury natural look
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Marble Basins, Natural Bathroom Sinks - Durable and Long-Lasting

A marble bathroom sink will last for many generations in your home.  Natural stone basins are known for being heat-resistant and not prone to chipping or cracking.  White marble basins are fully impervious to water and treated with a hard surface preparation, making them highly resistant to scratching and even stains.

Marble Bathroom Sink Choices for Modern Bathrooms - Handcrafted Beauty

Moku marble basins are great for natural bathrooms as these are designed with inspiration from the Japanese Edo period.  Each basin is carefully carved, sanded, and honed from a solid block of real Greek marble into a modern, smooth benchtop basin.  Bring the elegance of nature into your bathroom with a rectangular or round white marble basin.

Basins Carved from Marble Blocks - Fully Waterproof

Marble basins by Moku are completely impervious to water and treated with a protective sealant.  Each basin is designed to hold water, so you can clean and treat it as you would any porcelain basin.  The marble basins are also able to withstand damp and humid environments, and will not easily wear with normal use.  The surface is easy to clean and do not need harsh chemical cleansers which may damage the finish of any bathroom basin.

A Bathroom Sink from Marble Stone - Shop Online, Delivered Australia Wide

These marble basins for bathrooms may be used for any indoor or outdoor bathroom.  Each piece is original and has unique natural features and patterns, making it a timeless piece of art right in your own bathroom.  Choose your marble basin today and Renovator Store will have it delivered to you wherever your location is in Australia.

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